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The Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory (CZO), located in the Front Range of Colorado, is designed to examine the effect of erosion on the development and function of the Critical Zone. The Critical Zone is the near-surface region that supports terrestrial life, extending vertically from the base of groundwater to the upper reaches of the vegetation canopy. The Boulder Creek Watershed is about 1160km2 and drains the Front Range from the Continental Divide (4120m) to the eastern plains (1480) (Murphy, 2000). In the upper reaches of Boulder Creek, it has 3 tributaries – North Boulder Creek, Middle Boulder Creek and South Boulder Creek. The confluence of North Boulder Creek and Middle Boulder Creek is at ?m. South Boulder Creek joins Boulder Creek near the City of Boulder. The large elevation range within the watershed encompasses five climatic zones – alpine, subalpine, montane, foothills and plains. Total annual precipitation generally decreases with elevation, from >100cm at the Continental Divide to about 46cm near the City of Boulder. The project will focus on the upper basin of the Boulder Creek Watershed (above the City of Boulder).