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During the first half of 1998 two sharp-crested V-notch weirs were constructed at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica (a research station owned and operated by the Organization for Tropical Studies, OTS) to measure volumetric stream discharge (streamflow). A 90-degree weir was built on the Taconazo stream, several meters upstream of where the SUR trail (Sendero Sura) crosses the stream. A 120 degree weir was built on the Arboleda stream, several meters upstream of the confluence of this stream with the Sura stream. This data set reports 15-minute stage and discharge values for each weir, for the five calendar years 2006-2010. Complete meta data can be found on the OTS web site at: http://www.ots.ac.cr/meteoro/default.php?pestacion=2