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The aim of the Mt. Gongga Observation and Experiment Station is to provide scientific evidence and experimental data for the environment protection and resources utilization in mountain areas and the study of the Tibetan Plateau and global climate change, many researches concentrated on the interaction between multi-level alpine natural ecosystem and human activities have been conducted in Gongga Mt. Station. The research fields mainly include the productivity of the alpine ecosystem and its environmental effects, the effects of plateau uplift and glacier rise or fall on alpine ecosystem, the monitoring of the dynamic development of mountainous environment, and the predicting of the evolving trend of regional environment. This database contains monthly averages of meteorological observations and soil moisture for the year 2015. These data are made available as part of a working group in the Global Network of Mountain Observatories (GNOMO). CUAHSI staff uploaded data provided by the Observation and Experiment Station of Mt. Gonnga with applicable metadata using CUAHSI's Cloud HydroServer.