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Corpus Christi Bay Environmental Flows and Hypoxia Geographic Extent:


The Corpus Christi Coastal Bend data base was created to help support management decisions for two issues: 1) managing environmental flows to the Rincon Bayou, the Nueces Delta, and Corpus Christi Bay, and 2) managing hypoxia (i.e., low oxygen conditions) in the southeastern region of Corpus Christi Bay. The data spans from 1994 to 2009. The data contains over 600,000 distinct observations for 44 different variable types grouped below into five general categories: atmospheric, biota, nutrients, water physical-chemical properties, and sediments. Each data value represents a measurement at some point in time and space. If the measurement is taken above or below the surface, then additional offset values are provided. An offset key was also used to designate species. The variable “Species # indexed” is an example of this use of the offset. The count of a particular species is contained in the data value and a code for the species is contained in the offset.