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This data set contains groundwater levels in meters above datum and groundwater temperature, as measured or derived from measured data in bedrock wells, located in Philadelphia, PA and suburban Baltimore, MD in the Piedmont physiographic province. Water pressure (kPa), barometric pressure (kPa), and water temperature (degrees C) have been collected at variable start and end dates since March 2008. Wells are instrumented with one of three devices: (1) In-Situ Level Troll 500 data loggers (which include a vented cable); (2) Onset Hobo U20-001-04 Water Level Loggers (with one Hobo used for barometric pressure); or (3) vanEssen D1601 Micro-Diver Water Level Loggers (with a DI800 Baro-Diver used for barometric pressure). Data collection intervals vary from 5 minutes to 1 hour. Data are downloaded manually every 60 days. Absolute water pressure is corrected with barometric pressure to yield gauge water pressure. Depth-to-water below land surface is calculated from the known location of the pressure sensor in the well with respect to land surface. Depth-to-water data are corrected for pressure instrument drift with a manual water level measurement using a Solinst Model 101 P2 Water Level Meter at the time of data download. Water level (m above datum), is calculated from depth-to-water based on elevation of land surface at the well location. Data are backed up on a server at the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education at UMBC (http://cuere.umbc.edu).